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Coletta’s services: Tech-driven copy editing in a modern era

In today’s digital business space, online content is how writers and brands share and communicate. Your business needs original and accurate content to engage audiences and stay competitive.

When you want your content to stand out, hire a tech-driven copy editor who produces high-quality content that’s delivered on or before the deadline.

Give your content a quality boost

I take pride in offering best-in-class editing services that fit your needs and are delivered on your schedule. And I strive to exceed expectations. But don’t take my word for it. Here’s what some of my past clients have said about me and my work:

A valued member of the team

As a developmental editor on the Quality Team at Dotdash’s Lifewire, she reviews the work of editors, ensuring it meets editorial standards. She sends them detailed feedback, helping the editors continue to improve in their roles.

Maria Bouselli

Senior Director, Dotdash Meredith

A gem to work with

Coletta was our “Go To” author for writing many of our Fast & Easy books at Prima Publishing. She delivers on or before the deadlines that are agreed upon.

Debbie Abshier

Acquisition Editor, Prima Publishing

Delivers work that boosts your reputation

Coletta is a skilled senior writer and info architect who delivers quality at dazzling speed. And she’s fearless. Throw any crazy project her way and she’ll handle it with grace — and quality and speed.

Barbara Roll

Project Manager, Resources Online

Tackles highly technical subject material with ease

I worked with Coletta on a technical marketing project. Coletta collaborated with subject matter experts cordially and delivered a quality white paper on schedule and within my budget.

Matt Lusher

Project Manager, Adobe Cloud Platform

Always produces what is promised on time

Coletta is an excellent technical writer. Skills include leadership, project management, and instructional design knowledge.

Lesley Alexander-McVie, Ph.D

Content Strategist, Microsoft

Works well without supervision

Coletta is among the best editors I’ve ever worked with. She’s conscientious, detail-oriented, and is always willing to work with writers to help them polish their work.

Steven Winkelman

Features Editor,

What other proof do I have of my awesome editing and writing skills? Please allow me to direct you to a few of the projects I’ve completed over the past five years. (Click the links to see the proof.)

I’ve been a freelance copy editor for evergreen content at Android Police since July 2022.

Before that, I worked at Dotdash Meredith for four years. I was the development editor for a team of 12 writers who updated content for During this time, I also wrote tech articles for and updated and copy edited articles for Clean.Email.

But my best portfolio piece is this website. It combines all my skills and talents into one neat package that (will be) full of information to help writers succeed. That’s my job!

Technology has revolutionized the way we work and collaborate

I’ve spent the past 40 years working for print publishers, websites, and developers in the tech industry. I’ve survived and flourished through the changes because of my ability to stay current and adapt to new processes and technologies.

This experience helps me navigate the intricacies of the industry and provide editing services tailored to the needs of tech-focused clients.

My copy editing approach uses digital tools to streamline the editing process. These tools increase my efficiency and make collaboration much easier than when I started this career course.

Here’s what’s in my toolbox:

As a copy editor, my role goes beyond correcting grammar and punctuation. I ensure the content is well-structured, engaging, and optimized for online search visibility.

While I embrace technology in my editing process, I do not rely on these tools to do my job. These tools support and enhance my skills, helping me provide efficient, cutting-edge, and high-quality services to my clients.

Hire a tech-driven copy editor who really cares about your busines and your writing projects.

How will you benefit from tech-driven copy editing?

It’s about making happy customers. And the best way I can do that is by ensuring your business documents, training materials, and web articles are of the highest quality. And I use every tech tool available to provide you with content that will boost your reputation and your search ranking.

When you hire me to copy edit your written materials, your words will flow smoothly and your writing will have that polish that impresses your customers. And I’ll make sure your writing still sounds like you. Just a better-dressed version.

I make sure the content makes sense, the information develops in an entertaining format, and the text is correct and accurate. I format the text and place images to make the content easy to read, quick to scan, and visually appealing.

It’s about bringing clarity to your words, using the proper reading level for the content, and getting search engines to notice your natural-sounding SEO keywords.

While we’re working together, I’ll help you improve your writing. Here’s what I’ll do for you:

It’s all about making happy clients and engaging audiences

The secret to my success is my ability to learn the job quickly and focus on the work to get it done the best I can. Every project is unique, and I adapt my work process and tools to meet the needs of the project and client. I’ll learn your software quickly and have the computing power to connect to your services.

I want my clients to enjoy the editing process. I’ve always taken pride in delivering quality products to my clients. And my clients know what they’ll get because when you hire me, you’re only working with me. I don’t hire out my projects to subcontractors. And I’m easy to work with, making both our lives simple.

It’s not easy being engaging and convincing an audience to read to the end of the page. But it can be done, and it can be done with style. My writing and editing styles appeal to audiences because I use plain language that’s easy to follow. It’s clear, concise, and uses words that most readers will understand.

I strive to give audiences a reading experience they’ll enjoy and deliver writing that’s easy to understand. It’s all about the reader.