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I’m a freelancer with over 40 years of experience editing and writing explainer content and informational material for large and small businesses. I’ve worked mainly in the tech industry, and I’ve freelanced for major book publishers and local newspapers. So, I understand the publishing process and how to make your written materials look your very best.

Add clarity to your writing projects with a clear direction, a logical organization, and a solid outline.

Quality content starts with an organized structure that’s set up in a logical, practical, and sustainable format. The role of the developmental editor is to make documents easy for users to find and use information.

Organizing large documentation projects is my specialty. I’ve designed outlines for programming language training classes, power plant shutdown procedures, 500-page computer books, and recently for the Microsoft Office 365 Training Center.

In addition to outlining content requirements, as a developmental editor, I can help you:

  • Define the project objectives, audience, and content requirements.
  • Organize the structure and content for websites, whitepapers, training courses, and books.
  • Determine the content that currently exists and the content needed to create the final documents.
  • Develop content specifications that detail the content requirements and goals.
  • Improve your English usage, strengthen your writing voice, and format content for better readability.

Polish your written content with a thorough review, professional revisions, and improved readability.

Content editing improves the writing style, voice, and logical flow of a document. A content edit makes sure the content makes sense, the information develops in an entertaining format, and the text is accurate and correct.

During a content edit, I’ll bring clarity to your words, ensure the content is at the proper reading level, and polish the text so that it flows smoothly.

When you hire me to perform a content edit, here’s what you’ll receive:

  • An assurance that your content communicates clearly with your audience and adheres to your style guide.
  • Changes and suggestions to improve clarity, conciseness, consistency, flow, and readability.
  • Tracked revisions so you can review the changes made to the content.
  • Objective and constructive feedback intended to help you develop your ideas, point out missing information, and make your message clear.
  • A summary of the work that was done and any concerns.

Provide your customers with clear, concise, and correct content.

Explainer content requires a different skill set than creative and marketing writing. Explainer content requires technical writing skills. These skills include the ability to write in plain language and provide information, directions, or instructions.

My technical writing style is conversational, clear, and concise. My writing process starts with an interview where I learn your needs and get acquainted with your audience. During this time, I gather the background information needed to create an outline. Then, the writing begins, and after that, we’ll review the draft content to fine-tune it and add a bit of polish.

The types of technical documents that I write include:

  • Instruction manuals and user guides for software apps
  • How-to articles and video scripts

Hire a second set of eyes to double-check your writing and make sure everything is just right.

Proofreading ensures your business documents use proper grammar and punctuation, are free of spelling and typographical errors, and make good word choices. A quality proofreader will catch those embarrassing errors and make your written materials look your very best.

I have a long and successful track record of editing and proofreading all types of content, from book-length manuscripts to blog posts. I’m detail-oriented and can help you make your documents clear and accessible.

Here’s what I will do for you:

  • Read, review, and edit your writing for accuracy in grammar and content.
  • Edit your writing to improve clarity and ensure the content is accessible for your readers.
  • Verify that all terms, sources, and URLs are correct and appropriate.
  • Ensure the content adheres to your style guidelines.

Give your written material eye-catching appeal with words that are easy to read.

Desktop publishing improves the format of your documents. Your content doesn’t need fancy fonts and electrifying effects to catch your audience’s attention. Even plain and simple layouts with the right amount of graphics can enhance your audience’s visual experience.

I work with text-heavy print and web documents that use images to emphasize and reinforce the information. I use my attention to detail, spatial ability, and eye for readability to make sure every page element is present and that the design is accessible to the largest audience.

I can help you make your documents looks professional and appealing. Here’s how:

  • Develop a style guide so that content across your organization is consistent and represents your brand.
  • Establish page and text layouts to ensure the consistency of the text, data, images, sidebars, and other elements.
  • Format the text and paragraphs to make the content easy to read, quick to scan, and visually appealing.
  • Review, edit, and place images to create cohesive pages.

I know remote

Do you need the services of a freelance editor or technical writer but don’t have the extra office space or equipment for another person? I have successfully worked on projects from the comfort of my distraction-free and professionally equipped home office for the past 25 years.

Quality content comes in all forms

My projects

Here are the types of content I’ve worked on:

  • Outlines, storyboards, and content specifications.
  • Books, manuals, and user guides.
  • Whitepapers, reports, and case studies.
  • Presentations, speeches, and webinars.
  • Letters, blog posts, and newsletters.

Hire me

If you’re interested in working with an editor (I’m also a writer) who has a reputation for giving businesses a boost by improving the quality of their written content, please contact me. Let’s put our heads together, build a plan, and attract an audience that gets excited about your products and services.