Coletta Teske Whitehead is a freelance editor who provides tech-driven copy editing services.

About Coletta: Crafting words and shaping meaning

I’m a freelancer and I’ve been editing and writing explainer content and informational material for 40 years. I work mainly in the tech industry, but I also write home and garden articles.

I’ve worked with book publishers, software developers, magazines, and newspapers. The newspapers taught me the journalism soft skills that launched my career to the next level.

Now I’m on the web with a new conversational writing style that’s perfect for today’s online media and search engines. From print to pixels, a lot has changed, and it’s been a trip!

One thing has remained the same. I’ve always believed in making happy customers. And the best way I can do that is by making sure your business documents and web articles are of the highest quality.

When you hire me to copy edit your written content, your words will flow smoothly, and your writing will have that polish that impresses your customers.

What I’m doing now

I currently gig at Android Police. I copy edit evergreen and feature articles to make the writers look their best. I’ve also worked with Dotdash Meredith,, Clean.Email, and Microsoft as a technical writer, copy editor, developmental editor, and information architect. And my photographs have been published in newspapers and magazines.

During my writing journey, I’ve written books and articles about how to use web tools and apps, office productivity software, and computer graphics applications. I don’t just write about this stuff. I used these apps to build this website, optimize its content, create the images, and design the layouts.

The secrets to my success

It’s not easy to become a freelance writer and build a business. To be honest, it’s tough to attain any kind of success in this world of constant change. But it can be done.

I’ve learned to roll with the changes and the mistakes I’ve made. And I’ve made more than my fair share. But the important thing is that I learned from those mistakes and found my strengths.

The secrets to my freelancing success are that I am a self-learner and stay current in my industry, produce high-quality content, am dependable and always deliver the work before the deadline, and am creative. It’s all about making happy clients.

Always learning and sharing

I think the most important skill is that I’m always learning. And that’s why I created this website. To share what I’ve learned as a freelance writer so that others have an easier time navigating this path than I did.

I learned the importance of combining school learning with real-world experience in high school. In the 70s, my high school offered vocational training. It was pretty cool! I learned business skills that still help me today, got out of school early to go to work, got paid for a job well done, and earned school credits.

And the on-the-job learning didn’t stop there. I regularly go to school to learn the latest and greatest tech. I have a list of IBM digital badges for the data science classes I took at I recently earned a certificate from Google for its Fundamentals of Digital Marketing class. Check out my LinkedIn profile to see my list of certifications.

Going back to school can pay off. I hit a rough patch and didn’t work for a while. When I went back to work, I couldn’t get a gig. I needed new tools. So I put on my self-learning hat and did just that.

My website, my work, my portfolio

This website’s design, photography, content, and management are all my work. This website is a one-person show and an example of the quality I put into every project. I believe in making a good first impression, and that’s why I applied the basics of good website design and created a site that shows the real me.

The art and photography on this website and in my online store are the best “just for fun” projects I’ve done over the years and photographs I’ve taken for the articles on this site.

I’m available for freelance gigs

Does your writing need a polish to make it shine? Do you want to give your content a boost to attract more customers audiences?

I’m a tech-driven copy editor with decades of experience. I’d love to help you improve your writing. Let’s bring your ideas to life.