Journalism Writing Samples

Journalism Writing Samples

I worked as an independent correspondent for West Hawaii Today and North Hawaii News. During the five years, I wrote 70 feature stories and 80 gardening columns. These are a few of my favorite articles.

The long, long commute to work

Where do people in Kau work? by Coletta Teske

Journalism sample: commuter live-in

Traveling to and from the job can be an all-day affair, especially when you live in rural Hawaii. I spent a day with several hotel workers as they made the commute from one end of the Big Island to the other to bring home a paycheck.

Community theater

Waimea Community Theater Feature Story by Coletta Teske

Journalism sample: community theater profile

Talent in Hawaii is abundant and active in the local community. Coletta Teske had the honor of interviewing the board of directors of the Waimea Community Theatre, learning about their history, and hearing stories of the actors that built the theatre group.

Community theater does Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

Theater Review by Coletta Teske

Journalism sample: entertainment review

When the children come out to act in one of Hawaii’s community theater plays, everyone on the Island buys a ticket to the event. It was always Coletta Teske’s pleasure to sit in the audience, enjoy the entertainment, and share her theater review.

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